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Unify Co. Fragrance Refills

Unify Co. Fragrance Refills


Crisp ozone and white pineapple combine with Sicilian bergamot, mandarin, and fragrant florals to create a scent that is unexpected yet familiar.


White tea and bergamot blend with cooling eucalyptus, jasmine, and grounding notes of sandalwood, amber, and musk.


Effortlessly intriguing and endlessly alluring, this fragrance combines exotic notes of Maracujá, fresh pepper, and sparkling pear with ylang-ylang, mimosa, and creamy coconut.


Warm citrus notes mingle with clary sage, freesia, and softwoods, creating a beautifully sweet and beachy scent.


Tart and tangy notes of lemon and pineapple leaf combine with white florals, cedarwood, and moss, creating a modern fresh and citrusy scent.

Pura / Capri BLUE

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