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Ankarsrum Kitchen Stand Mixer

Ankarsrum Kitchen Stand Mixer

We have owned Kitchen Aid stand mixers for decades.  And we can still count on our oldest model for reliability and ease.  But even our professional models of recent years have been consistent only in failing.  At home we have switched to Ankarsrum and believe you will fully appreciate their quality and capabilities.  You won’t even miss that other stand mixer ;)

Beginning March 24, 2024, we will be receiving weekly shipments from Ankarsrum.  If your preferred color is not in stock call the shop at (214) 541-9999.  We will get you on the list for that perfect color machine   

After frustration after frustration from that other stand mixer we did what any enterprising home chef would do and went looking on the global market to see what the gold standard for mixers was.  Ankarsrum is the stand mixer that stands out for its design and powerhouse motor.  We have thrown everything at this machine (except the parts from our broken Kitchen Aid mixers ;) and these machines performed and performed again, and then performed again with ease.

The Assistent Original® has motor feedback which allows the machine to regulate speed depending on the load in the bowl. The unique gear unit allows the machine to be both powerful and quiet.

A huge 7 litre bowl makes this the ideal machine for making large batches of dough, it shines mixing gingerbread, sourdough, and the toughest of recipes. It can mix 1.5 L of dough liquid and 5 kg of dough without a problem.

Assistent Original® has an attractive and sleek design, low noise levels, and sits firmly on your worktop. Assistent Original® 6230 includes a 7 L stainless bowl, dough roller, dough knife, spatula, dough hook and proving lid. A 3.5 L whisking bowl in Tritan plastic, balloon whisks, and shortcrust dough hooks. Handle and control knobs are finished in chrome-plated zinc. Also included is a wonderful Ankarsrum recipe book. 

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