Teapot and Food Warmer

Teapot and Food Warmer

The AdHoc brand consistently designs items that serve style, yet keep functionality at the forefront. The TUTO Decorative Teapot and Food Warmer keeps your favorite foods and teas at the right temperature.

TUTO Teapot and Food Warmer

The TUTO by AdHoc is a great addition to your kitchen and travel pack! The high-quality Teapot and Food Warmer elevates the presentation of dishes on your table or counter to the next level.

Add a candle between the stainless steel frames and it works as a buffet-style warmer that keeps your food or beverage at the right temperature. These four steel frames that are surrounded by beautiful acacia wood ensure a level surface for your dishes or pots, with no wobbling in sight!

Take the TUTO Food Warmer on picnics and camping.  It's the perfect travel companion, having a dimension of 6.29 inches x 2.16 inches and weighing only 1.19 pounds.

AdHoc brings you the best of German craftsmanship with modern design. The TUTO by AdHoc is a product where functionality and design meet.


  • Stainless steel frame Perfect for keeping food warm in pots and bowls
  • Ideal for mid-sized or smaller-sized teapots. Pairs well with the AdHoc ORIENT+ Teapot
  • Manufactured with style and durability in mind
  • A decorative and high-quality food warmer

Product Details

  • Diameter: 16 cm/6.29 in
  • Height: 5.5 cm/2.16 in
  • Weight: 540 grams/1.19 pounds
  • Acacia wood and Stainless Steel


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