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Olympia 2x Cocktail Glasses

Olympia 2x Cocktail Glasses

Astound guests with the impressive look and feel of this Stolzle 2730008T/2486 8 oz. Glisten matte white / gold coupe cocktail glass. This coupe cocktail glass features a shallow, broad bowl and a long, slender stem. A matte white exterior pairs with a glistening gold interior for a formal, yet fun, presentation, fit for trendy bars, upscale events, and festive celebrations. Use it to serve up sparkling champagne or creative cocktails and daiquiris in style.

With this gorgeous coupe cocktail glass, you'll be able to offer the classic cocktails your customers know and love, while ensuring they remain at the ideal temperature for optimum enjoyment. The long stem ensures the hand never touches the bowl, preserving the temperature of the beverage and the flavors within. At the same time, the coupe bowl makes it easy for sipping, with less mess than a comparable martini glass. Simply pour your champagne and serve! Alternatively, shake or stir your cocktails, then pour and garnish as desired.

Stolzle Lausitz

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