Roasted Hatch Chile & Bacon Sauce

Roasted Hatch Chile & Bacon Sauce

This beautiful sauce has a well-balanced, smoky flavor paired with the aroma of freshly cooked bacon. Created with authentic, roasted Hatch Chilies from New Mexico and sprinkled with delicious, smoky bacon, this new sauce is definitely a crowd pleaser.

How do we use it? As a sauce poured over chicken, pork or veggies.

It's the easiest way to create an elevated meal in minutes. Blend into ground beef for an over-the-top-flavorful burger and meatloaf. Tossed into your favorite chilled pasta salad. Mixed with maple as a sweet & savory syrup over waffles and pancakes As a mopping or finishing sauce for slow cooked meats To dress up breakfast as an alternative to Hollandaise on Eggs Benedict or as a topper for avocado toast instead of chile oil As a topper to kick up tacos Blended into shredded pork or chicken Mixed with cream cheese and a touch of goat cheese in the slow cooker for a fantastic game day dip.

Robert Rothschild

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