Milk Paint I - JULY 12

Milk Paint I - JULY 12

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Milk Paint I is a jam-packed informational and very hands-on class for beginners and those with limited experience working with milk paint.  Starts promptly at 6PM.  Ends promptly at 8:30PM.  Late arrivals will be accommodated and missed instruction will be provided in the form of a worksheet.

Class moves very fast.  Bring your questions and be ready to fly through a crash course in milk paint mastery.  We try to keep the giggling and chatting at bay given the amount of material covered.

Milk Paint I very thoroughly covers the following topics:

How to mix milk paint.

How to customize paint colors

How to layer colors.

How to reveal layers.

How to encourage crackling.

How to discourage crackling.

How to encourage chipping.

How to discourage chipping.

Tips and tricks for painting on new wood, aged and dry wood, engineered wood, plastic, glass, and metal.

Everything waxing: first coat, clear wax, dark wax, white wax, customizing wax colors, layering waxes, and curing wax.

Care for pieces painted with milk paint will also be discussed.

Participants will be hands-on with mixing their choice of milk paint color, brush types and their uses, applying milk paint to sample boards, customizing milk paint, waxing techniques and layering waxes. 

Comfortable clothing is suggested.  Participants should expect to leave like Kristen paints - messy and accomplished.  Please do not bring or wear anything that should not be splattered or smeared.  Looking forward to seeing you!