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Ginger Mule Splash Mixer

Ginger Mule Splash Mixer

Non-alcoholic cocktail mixer with a refreshing blend of bold ginger and fresh lime.

Traditionally mixed with vodka. SPLASH Ginger Mule lets you enjoy guilt-free, the perfect better-for-you version of a classic, crowd-pleasing cocktail. Perfect for at-home entertaining, gift-giving, and more. Made with natural ingredients, low calorie, low sugar, non-GMO. Available in 750mL sustainable glass bottles. Pour 2 oz of SPLASH Ginger Mule over ice. Mix with 1 oz of the spirit of your choice for a cocktail. For a mocktail, mix SPLASH Moscow Mule with sparkling water. Enjoy!

Refrigerate after opening. Once opened, use it within 14 days for optimal flavor.


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